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Dmitri Sataev

Dmitri Sataev is the founder and President of USGSF (founded in 2003) and has over 35 years (15 years in Russia and over 20 years in the United States) of experience as a trainer in Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Body Building, and traditional Russian Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport.

Dmitri's vast multi-disciplined experience provides for expert coaching, training, and conditioning to his clients and students (both professional athletes and non-athletic people). Dmitri is not just an active competitor in Girevoy Sport but is also a World Class GS Athlete!  Dmitri, two years in a row, finishes with the best result in LC in the World for his age and weight division!

Listed below are a few of Dmitri's achievements in GS:

2011 World Champion

2013 World Champion

2014 World Champion

MSIL (Master of Sport International Level) - Division 44-49yrs, 24kg:


 One Handed Long Cycle World Record with 24kg 164 reps in 10 min (Click link to watch video)

More about Dmitri

Dmitri In Action

Dmitri Sataev

Dmitri In Action 635 lbs Dead Lift - 2004 - Body Weight: 190

Dmitri - Classic Jerks 150 - Girevoy Sport, 2008


Dmitri Sataev


"I crave for physical exaltation! That is why I have chosen my own particular profession or rather created..."

Dmitri Sataev's Best Lifts
(Weight - 198 lbs.)

  • Three-time GS World Champion 2011, 2013 and 2014
  • Bench press - 400 lbs.
  • Squat below parallel: 750 lbs- 1; 600lbs-8; 500lbs-16; 405lbs-26; 315lbs-35; 225lbs-100
  • Deadlift - 650 lbs.
  • Two finger deadlift - 405 lbs.
  • Zercher lift (off the ground) - 305 lbs.

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  • San Diego, CA 92117
  • Tel: (619) 764-1882

About the US Girevoy Sport Federation

  • USGSF was founded in 2003 by Dmitri Sataev. The purpose of USGSF is to popularize the traditional Russian Girevoy Sport (G.S., kettlebells) as well as other non-traditional physical exercises and events utilizing the kettlebell as a strength and conditioning tool. Read More