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I have been a member of Coach Dmitri's gym for a couple years now and have worked with him on several different programs. Each program has served it's exact purpose in getting the results I was looking for. Having tried multiple lifting regimens with various forms of supplementation I was still unsatisfied with my numbers and overall physique. Then recently I tried the bodybuilding and powerlifting program under Coach Dmitri, without supplementation of any kind, and I couldn't believe my numbers and how quickly I began to build muscle. WIthin 2 months my muscle tone had improved and the increased in size, more so than in previous years with traditional lifting routines and hundreds of dollars in supplements. The arsenal of workouts Coach has is impressive in itself. Every workout there is something new to do that you haven't tried before, and you can be sure it will always be grueling. I thoroughly enjoy the difficulty and extreme physicalness of the routines, and the conditioning is like none other. Coach is always pushing you beyond your limitations, if you are willing to push yourself as well. If you do your part, he will certainly do his part in helping you achieve your goals, and then push you beyond what you thought would be almost impossible to achieve. Many times I have stared in disbelief in what he has asked me to do, but I always push and end with a result that shocks even me. You're guaranteed to test your mettle and find out what you are truly capable of. It has been an honor and my biggest pleasure in working with Coach Dmitri and Elena for the past couple years. And not only as a student, but as a friend. I not only enjoy my sessions, but also spending time hanging around the gym visiting with them. I will continue to be a member for years to come, and strongly urge all interested to try at least one session.

Curtis Wells


I meet Dmitri Sataev at a Martial Arts tournament in San Diego, CA (September 2011). Dmitri invited me to a GS (Kettlebell) class. I told him I would show up which I did. Being in the fitness industry for many years. I had heard that Dmitri took his training very seriously. I was also looking for a coach to take my Kettlebell training to the next level. I arrived at the training facility, looked around and spoke with Dmitri. I desided this would be my new home, There is something magical about being taught by a World Champion. Learning from Dmitri who was born in old U.S.S.R. is an honor.

In three months my strength and conditioning has improved greatly. I am extremely please with my progress. Dmitri is an excellent coach and motivator.

The classes are fun, exciting, and challenging. Dmitri adjusts and modifies the class to any skill level. If you are serious about Girevoy Sport or fitness in general, Dmitiri is the man for the job.. He excels in Strength and Conditioning.

Kirk Texeira
Founder & President
Workout With Kirk

Partial Curriculum Vitae:
Injury Prevention & Injury Risk Management,
Certified Functional Movement Specialist Level ll,
Certified USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach,
TRX Sports Medicine Level ll, TRX Suspension Training Level 1 & TRX Group Level 1 Training


Trainers, athletes, and anyone interested in personal development: If you've been following the fitness industry lately, surely you're aware of the latest rage of Russian Kettlebells. There is no doubt as to the effectiveness of kettlebell training, as many top athletes have jumped on the bandwagon and rave about their athletic improvements brought on by KBs.

But where would one start learning how to use KBs? Look no further. Dmitri Sataev of the US Girevoy Sport Federation has developed an instructional course in kettlebell training that will get you up to speed in no time. This is the REAL Girevoy Sport, as practiced in Russia. You'll focus on the fundamental lifts such as the snatch, jerk, and long cycle, along with assisting exercises. Technique, form, and safety are stressed, making it an excellent overall course for trainers and athletes alike.

I have personally taken the course and can attest as to effectiveness of the training and quality of instruction. Mr Sataev is an authority on the subject, and will personally see to it that you've mastered what is necessary to perform these classic lifts safely and effectively. So do yourself a favor and add this training to your arsenal of fitness today.

-Jeff Higgs
BJJ Black Belt


When I arrived in San Diego to work with Dmitri I wasn't sure what to expect. I had spoken to him on the phone and exchanged emails and I was willing enough to travel across the country to work with him but there is always the unknown factors. I am a personal trainer by profession and certified with the American College of Sports Medicine and I have attended conferences and weekend workshops held by a list of fitness gurus and experts. Some of these experts are impressive and others are not.

I am happy to say that I was pleased and impressed with Dmitri's knowledge, skills and abilities. The curriculum was informative and easy to follow. Everything from the course workbook, classroom to certificate of completion said professional to me.

The training facility had a sauna dry and wet, swimming pool, nutritional supplements, plenty of giri, great cooking and more. I will be honest and say I was worried after the first day of training. I was physically worn out. My technique was poor and with all the corrections I found myself over-thinking the steps of each movement. Dmitri kept me on track by reinforcing what I needed to do. He even showed me some tricks of the trade to help my performance during a competition.

Overall, I will say that the USGSF instructor certification weekend is a definite highlight and I look forward to using what I learned as an GS athlete and to my future GS students. Thank you everyone at USGSF!!

-Ryan Wallace
Personal trainer
Randolph, MA


The Kettlebell Certification course at USGSF is 2nd to none. You will not find another place where a kettlebell instructor breaks down the 3 lifts of the jerk, one arm snatch and full cycle in such vivid detail.

Like anything else worth accomplishing, Girevoy sport is not easy. It takes Spartan like dedication to become good at this discipline. However, with Dmitri's expertise, he can take any individual regardless of skill level and set realistic goals to produce world class results.

There might be other kettlebell federations which claim to be the best, but Dmitri has set the Gold standard with the first ever Kettlebell sport DVD ever to be produced in the United States. I recommend that anyone who is serious about Girevoy sport should own a copy.

Peter Mouttapa
ISSA certified personal Trainer
USGSF certified kettlebell instructor
Black Belt in Renbukai Karate
Black Belt in World Oyama Karate/Knockdown karate fighter
U.S.A amateur boxer/coach
Muay Thai Kickboxing practitioner/fighter
Mountain View, California


March 20, 2007

After working with Kettlebells for two years, my trainer advised me that it was time to learn the techniques from the Master. “If you want to really learn Girevoy Sport, this is the man you should learn from”, I was told. I booked the flight and certification weekend right away, not wanting to miss this opportunity with Dmitiri. The wealth of knowledge I gained far surpassed my expectations. Every aspect of swings, jerks and snatches was fine-tuned, taking me from average recreational training, to the technical-quality training of a competitive athlete. I also learned precisely what to look for when assessing the technique of others, and how to correct them. The personal attention given to each participant is something I have experienced at no other seminar. Dmitri brings out the best in everyone, as evidenced by two GS novices whose improvement after 3 days was astounding. Through his patience and communication skills, Dmitri is adept at pinpointing exactly what an individual needs to enhance their performance. The tools and drills for specific strengthening are one of a kind. If you are serious about Girevoy Sport, Dmitiri is the man for you! Unlike so many other organizations which register you and then don’t know your name, this experience has been uniquely nurturing. As tough as the training is, Dmitri and his staff are always approachable about any issue, question or challenge I encountered. Very refreshing indeed! I never thought that I would be interested, much less capable to compete in GS, but I am thoroughly inspired after meeting and working with Dmitiri. I am committed to his training and proud to be a member of USGSF.

Lorna Kleidman
ART Therapist
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
New York, New York


Growing up in gyms since age 4, I’ve been around, trained with, competed against, and instructed elite athletes including world champions in a number of sports and at least one Guinness world record holder. Now as the owner/operator of my own training facility I have been exposed to too many instructors and trainers to count. Some of those instructors were exceptional and left permanent impressions on me, as well as the rest of the world, in their various disciplines. Dmitri Sataev of the USGSF is in that category.

The level of instruction and attention to significant detail I received at the USGS Instructor Certification Program was exceptional and made all the difference in both my personal performance as well as my ability to safely and effectively train others including my athletes with kettlebells. Whether you’re interested in competing in Girevoy Sport or just learning proper technique to train yourself or others this is THE place to learn how to use and how to teach kettlebell lifting.

Thank you, Dmitri, for both your commitment and your hospitality.

Adam Pollock
Owner of Kokopelli’s Gym
Trainer of amateur and professional Boxers, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts fighters
USGSF Certified Instructor

Dmitri Sataev


"I crave for physical exaltation! That is why I have chosen my own particular profession or rather created..."

Dmitri Sataev's Best Lifts
(Weight - 198 lbs.)

  • Three-time GS World Champion 2011, 2013 and 2014
  • Bench press - 400 lbs.
  • Squat below parallel: 750 lbs- 1; 600lbs-8; 500lbs-16; 405lbs-26; 315lbs-35; 225lbs-100
  • Deadlift - 650 lbs.
  • Two finger deadlift - 405 lbs.
  • Zercher lift (off the ground) - 305 lbs.

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