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Strength & Conditioning Camps

Gain strength and conditioning with the BEST coach in the world.  Strength and conditioning camps are 4 weeks long.

Strength & Conditioning Camp

  • $1,000 -  12 Sessions (each session 1 hour long)
  • $2,500 - Morning and Evening sessions unlimited timing





Policies and Rules

  1. Training sessions and trainers are not available at all times.
  2. Russian Kettlebell Academy (RKA) reserves the right to provide a substitute trainer in the event of the original scheduled trainer being unavailable to conduct any or all sessions.
  3. All fees for this Fitness Service Agreement are immediately earned by RKA. You have the right to cancel within three (3) days of this Agreement.  After three days you are not entitled to a refund.
  4. A 24 hour advance notice is required to cancel a session; otherwise you will be charged for the session.

Training Photo Gallery


Training for Success :: Dmitri Sataev Diego Garijo :: MMA Fighter - Dmitri's Good Friend Tim Perram :: Completing 1000 Reps of Free Style Jerk, with 16kg in under 1 hour Dmitri Sataev :: Family Teamwork
Dmitri Sataev Diego Garijo Tim Perram Dmitri & Family
Ball Squats :: The most feared and hated leg and back exercise Jacare'Alligator' and Xande Ribeiro :: Preparing for a fight in Japan in 2008 Diego Sanchez and Joey Gilbert :: Preparing for a fight Training for Success :: Dmitri Sataev
Ball Squats Jacare & Xande Ribeiro Diego Sanchez & Joe Gilbert Dmitri Sataev

Meet Your Trainers

Dmitri Sataev

Dmitri Sataev

Over 30 Years Experience:

  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Body Building
  • Russian Girevoy Sport


Master of Sport International Level

Elena Sataev

Elena Sataev

Over 15 Years Experience

  • Personal Training
  • Girevoy Sport


  • Master of Sport
  • 2007 World GS Champion
  • 2010 World GS Champion

Online Training Option

Unlimited Training Online

  • Effective online training
  • Customized programs to meet your needs
  • Reasonable cost
  • Learn from the best

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About the US Girevoy Sport Federation

  • USGSF was founded in 2003 by Dmitri Sataev. The purpose of USGSF is to popularize the traditional Russian Girevoy Sport (G.S., kettlebells) as well as other non-traditional physical exercises and events utilizing the kettlebell as a strength and conditioning tool. Read More