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Unlimited Training On-line (UTOL)

Welcome to Unlimited Training Online!  UTOL is a web based coaching system that allows you to achieve your goals through interactive communication with the BEST coach in the world.

UTOL Pricing

$315.00/Month (included video sessions, telephone consultations and emails)

$225.00/Month (included telephone consultations and emails)

$175.00/Month  (emails only)


"I started training with Coach Dmitri 2 years ago and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. Dmitri has the ability to see technical flaws (no matter how small) and provide methods for improvement. His training methods have been instrumental in the progression towards my goals. The program Dmitri provides is well thought out, effective, and customized to fit in with the unique demands in my life.

He is always available and quick to respond with feedback and next steps regarding my training. He sees my success as his success.

I am proud to call Dmitri my coach and friend!"


Mark Boggs


"...After years of tinkering with kettlebells, I decided a few months ago to become serious about Girevoy Sport. But GS is tough and I am "almost" middle-aged, therefore receiving good coaching was a must for me . Unfortunately, remote as I am in Continental Europe, finding a competent GS coach with real-life experience is a daunting task and online coaching seemed like the only viable option.

After roaming the internet, I stumbled upon reviews of Coach Sataev's Unlimited Training Online. I shot him an email and was delighted to get an aswer within minutes, despite being on the other side of the world. Two phone calls later, we were in business.

It has been 4 months now and I can only praise Coach Sataev's excellent coaching. I have been in touch with him literally every day, and though I'll never be a tenth of Ivan Denisov, my progress has been huge as I have more than doubled my PRs in that time. His no-BS, comprehensive and motivating approach to GS training and his considerable experience ( inc. as a world-class Girevik) have done wonders for me: I have avoided injury and overtraining while steadily progressing. To me, Dmitri Sataev is amongst the best GS coaches out there and I would recommend him to anyone serious about GS."


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Meet Your Trainers

Dmitri Sataev

Dmitri Sataev

Over 30 Years Experience:

  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Body Building
  • Russian Girevoy Sport


Master of Sport International Level

Elena Sataev

Elena Sataev

Over 15 Years Experience

  • Personal Training
  • Girevoy Sport


  • Master of Sport
  • 2007 World GS Champion
  • 2010 World GS Champion

Contact Information

  • Mission Bay
  • San Diego, CA 92117
  • Tel: (619) 764-1882

About the US Girevoy Sport Federation

  • USGSF was founded in 2003 by Dmitri Sataev. The purpose of USGSF is to popularize the traditional Russian Girevoy Sport (G.S., kettlebells) as well as other non-traditional physical exercises and events utilizing the kettlebell as a strength and conditioning tool. Read More